Econonical Engineering - A Concept Whose Time Has Come
Econonical Engineering -A Concept Whose Time Has Come

Our Values


At EDS, we operate under a clear set of principles and corporate values that have allowed us to readily adapt to changes in the market place. Our commitment to these values does not come at the sacrifice of the quality our clients expect of our work. Since our founding, this has been our recipe for success.


EDS is guided by these core principles: 
Integrity – “ adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty ”


As consultants, our most important deliverable is integrity. We define our work as clearly and precisely as possible so that you know exactly what you are getting for your money. We communicate information and the status of the project regularly to you so that you will know when your project will be completed. If something happens that impacts your project in a negative manner, you will know about it as quickly as we can gather the information. We will also provide you with several different courses of action to mitigate the situation. We are not afraid to accept the responsibility of thoroughly managing a project to reduce your stress and free you up to perform your normal job duties. 


Quality – “ the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.”


Without the delivery of a quality product, your project will not be successful. All of our engineers and designers are committed to producing a finished product that meets or exceeds the client's specifications. In addition, we have designed our organization so that the Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for only one thing: making sure the plans and specifications created by our engineers and draftsmen provide the accurate information needed to complete the job successfully. Our Quality Assurance Manager reports directly to the Principals of the organization and has full ability to bring any unresolved issues to them.


Urgency – “ The quality or condition of being urgent; insistence; pressure; as, the urgency of a demand or an occasion ”


Your Project is Our Project. With the wealth of talent we have available to us, we can provide the skilled engineers and designers who know how to develop your project the correct way the first time. Any design options will be discussed with you early on in the project so there will not be the need for any redesign. Every job is done with the same sense of urgency, which reduces the project schedule and your project cost. 


Economy – “ Careful, thrifty management of resources, such as money, materials, or labor ”


In the past, quality engineering has always been associated with high cost.  With our system of minimal overhead and independent contracted engineers, we can provide the most "bang for the buck" when it comes to your engineering dollar. We utilize our years of experience to make sure the path being taken is one that will function as planned and be the most economical design for your needs.


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