Econonical Engineering - A Concept Whose Time Has Come
Econonical Engineering -A Concept Whose Time Has Come

*New Offering* Arc Flash Hazard Analysis



It is becoming evident that there is a real need for comprehensive Arc Flash Hazard Analysis in order to be in compliance with OSHA rules.


Toward this end, EDS has purchased analysis software from the leaders if the industry, EASY POWER.


The software purchased will enable us to do initial review of your systems, providing the required energy calculations, equipment stickers and recommendations to reduce or eliminate dangerous situations within your facility.


The important thing to realize is that, after the data for the Arc Flash Analysis has been collected, and the plant computer model has been constructed, there are many different analysis options that will truely benefit your facility.  Because the data has been collected and the model constructed, these benefits come at a very low cost to you and can be shown to provide ACTUAL payback. 


These include; short circuit current calculations, voltage drop calculations, fuse and breaker coordination (elimating nuisance trips), conductor overloads, Power Factor calculation and correction, and electrical demand reduction.


Contact us to provide an estimate of the benefits that we will be able to realize for your facilities.





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